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Electric unicycle KS-18XL
Electric unicycle KS-18XL
Electric unicycle KS-18XL
Electric unicycle KS-18XL
Electric unicycle KS-18XL

Electric unicycle KS-18XL

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The KS-18XL is one of the largest electric unicycles of Kingsong products. The big battery offer the longest trip. Ks-18XL will comfortably and quickly take you to work, home, or just to enjoy riding.
It can cover a distance of up to 130 km, reaching a speed of 50 km / h, as well as drive on a 35-degree incline. 18-inch wheels will smoothly roll over bumps in the road.
The stability, power, and speed of this wheel make it suitable for longer journeys.
It can be easily carried indoors by the pull-out handle or elsewhere, where you need to move slowly. Suitable for experienced riders.

 The unicycle can play music from your phone via Bluetooth, charge your mobile phone from its battery. When dark, it will automatically turn on a headlight to illuminate the road and a bright red LED on the back, as well as show a stop signal when braking. The side LED shows the battery charge level or shows a colorful, changing illumination.
 This and various other parameters are set in a Bluetooth-enabled application on a mobile phone.

Color - Rubber black.

Technical Specification:

Removable Battery

1554 wh
Charging time (approx.)

14hrs (one charger)

Range (depends)
130 km


Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 84V、2A
Max speed

40 km/h / 50km/h after above 200km mileage

Power 2000 W
Max. power 4000 W

Maximum loading

120 kg
Weight 24 kg

Maximum angle


Size (mm; height x length x thickness)

590 x 495 x 180
Color Rubber black